Category: Distributor
Top executive(s): Kathy Thomas, president
Headquarters: Chandler, Arizona
Founded: 1994
Employees: 19
Benefits/unique perks: Flexible scheduling and family-first attitude, 401(k) with employer match, surprise recognition and bonuses, company lunches and in-house happy hours, extra days off, occasional spending money
What employees say: “I love my job and I love the culture. I am appreciated, compensated fairly and treated very well. I can’t see myself working anywhere else for the foreseeable future. You cannot buy or find culture like this in very many places.”

What Stowebridge Promotions Group President Kathy Thomas says: "When the pandemic first hit, we focused on our values and agreed employees come first. We had to do everything to save the employees but also work to save the company so they have a job as well. Our office staff worked remotely for about six weeks following the onset of COVID in March 2020, but then asked to come back to the office, collectively agreeing to wear masks. The production employees worked in smaller groups in the early days. We have two long-term employees who had already moved out of Arizona and worked remotely before the pandemic; the Stowebridge team continues to work together in the office. We are better together."