Many brands belong in the heart of the home.

Think about where you spend the most time in your home—the kitchen, right? When you have guests over, chances are that everyone congregates around the cheese-and-cracker tray at the kitchen island even though there are perfectly good couches and snacks over in the family room. With the open concept design trend toward big kitchen islands, and Food Network-inspired home chefs cooking meals with ultra-fresh ingredients that need chopping and sautéing, the kitchen is where the action is.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 American Time Use Survey, 43 percent of men (up from 35 percent in 2003) and 70 percent of women engage in food preparation and clean up. Consumers report that the main reason for keeping a promotional product is usefulness, they are already primed to be interested in tools that help them with food preparation and clean up. Kitchen products are a great opportunity for brands to engage with end users. PPAI research shows that 91 percent of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen.

Ron Williams, director of marketing for Fey Promotional Products (UPIC: FEY), says Fey’s Mi Line of products is all about putting a brand’s message in every home. “Given that 52 percent of adults spend three hours in and around their kitchen daily, and 80 percent of households cook with fresh ingredients that need to be prepped, it’s important to provide practical products that deliver premium exposure.”

Read on for inspiring kitchen products that can add a fresh snap to your clients’ promotional campaigns.

Kitchenware To Keep


A tagline such as “We are growing again!” is a catchy way to promote a business and the multipurpose ceramic Flower Pot Mug. Used as a planter or a beverage cup, it’s a memorable promotional product allowing the ad message to be seen time and time again.

Allen Mugs UPIC: ALLEN


This medium-sized silicone spatula with a clear plastic handle is heat resistant to 446° F. It fits nicely into a utensil canister or it can be hung up by the hole in the end of the handle. Choose from lime green, red and royal blue.

Beacon Promotions UPIC: BEACONP



Scratch: Home Cooking for Everyone Made Simple, Fun and Totally Delicious is a new cookbook full of comfort food recipes that aren’t focused on any one healthy trend, but are instead innately healthy. Author Maria Rodale, CEO and chairwoman of Rodale, Inc., inspires readers to return to the kitchen and cook with real, organic food.

The Book Company UPIC: BOOKCO



Every chef knows that cutting boards are a must-have tool in any kitchen. This Galley Bamboo Cutting Board Set is eco-friendly, stylish and durable. The boards feature thumb holes for easy hanging from a hook or pot rack, and the its thin silhouette allows for easy storage and handling. Three different sizes offer great utility for working in the kitchen or using as a serving board. For the set, laser engraving on the small board is the standard location.

Starline USA, Inc. UPIC: STAR0009



The World’s Best Pizza Cutter cuts everything from pizza to paninis and the World’s Best Kitchen Cutter is a convenient and safe food prep device. When they’re used every day, the advertising message is seen every day. These two items can be kept for years in the kitchen, resulting in strong brand building for the advertiser.

Fey Promotional Products Group UPIC: FEY



The Sonoma Wine Opener is a great option for real estate agents, homebuilders, vineyards, liquor stores, grocery stores and restaurants. The high quality corkscrew and lever allow easy opening of wine bottles and the durable, serrated foil cutter cleanly slices through the most stubborn wine foils.

Evans Manufacturing UPIC: EVANS



Nobody likes stale chips. Keep guests and family members happy with fresh, crisp snacks sealed with a chip clip. The round shape is ideal for larger logos.

Proinnovative UPIC: PROINNOV



Accuracy is critical in baking recipes. Home chefs will add just the right amount of ingredients with this adjustable measuring spoon. Capable of multiple capacity measurements, this product has a durable design and is made from ABS plastic. It has a scoop level to ensure correct measurements.

The Magnet Group UPIC: THEM8674



Put a brand on display with the 16- by 24-inch Napa Velour Kitchen Towel. The ColorFusion decorating process provides unlimited branding possibilities. Made with absorbent terry cloth, this towel is perfect for drying every dish or glass. It’s a great option for food and beverage companies, real estate firms, home product manufacturers, health and wellness providers, appliance manufacturers, schools and universities, home service companies and restaurants.

Towel Specialties UPIC: TOWELSPEC



These bamboo tongs are excellent for both indoor and outdoor grilling. They feature an eco-friendly bamboo handle with stainless steel tong attachments. FDA-approved and measuring 3.75 x 17.5 inches, this is a great gift for the ultimate griller and makes a handsome addition to any serious kitchen’s utensil collection. Add a laser-engraved name, logo and advertising message.

Zipline UPIC: Zipline



The new USA-made EZ Gripper vinyl jar opener is gentle on the hands yet provides superior gripping power. Imprints are more vibrant and indestructible than ever, and they last for years. The EZ Gripper comes with four-color process decoration, in 200 shapes and 14 colors. Free rush service is available.

Americanna Company UPIC: AMER0022 www.americanna



This convenient two-in-one cup and spoon set keeps kitchenware clutter to a minimum. With four measuring cups on one side and four measuring spoons on the other this product will become essential in the kitchen. This set is great for culinary schools, trade shows or an employee thank-you.

Essef Distributors UPIC: 7414140



Home chefs stay clean and have utensils at hand when they wear this cotton/poly blend full-length apron with pockets, an adjustable neck strap and buckle. It’s available in seven colors.

Kati Sportcap & Bag UPIC: KATI

Preparation Pays

New research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that time spent preparing and cooking meals is linked to better dietary habits, such as eating more fruits and vegetables. Here are three tips that make food preparation easier—and can easily incorporate promotional products.

  1. Chop or spiralize raw vegetables in advance to avoid wasting time on weeknights.
  2. Portion snacks into portable jars to avoid overeating at work or on the go.
  3. Season meat three ways using just one pan by using aluminum foil dividers in the pan.

Source: Daily Burn

Case Study


A Case For Comfort

When distributor Jack Nadel International (UPIC: NADELINC) was tasked with coming up with a comfort item to promote the new CBS show “Battle Creek,” the company suggested an oven mitt since the show is based in Michigan and the state is shaped like a mitten. A fold-out card for the show and a coffee cake recipe were also included.

A Recipe For Product Safety

By Gary Haley, president, Beacon Promotions

gary-haley-headshot-webThe kitchen is where family and friends gather to relax and enjoy a good meal. Advertisers recognize the kitchen as an ideal place to share their message with groups of like-minded people. The insurance agent’s name on the calendar, the bank logo on the oven mitt, the pizza place on the magnet all make good sense because buying decisions are made in the kitchen.

It's also good sense to know what product safety considerations are important when recommending a product to your client. Promotional products. are not specifically mentioned in Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations, laws and standards, or voluntary standards listings, so most kitchen items are considered general use products and will have a General Conformity Certificate available from the supplier. If the product is designed to handle hot items, ask the supplier if they developed a reasonable testing program with their lab to evaluate its thermal protection qualities. Drinkware or food storage products may have BPA limitations. Knives and corkscrews will have sheathing requirements. To learn more about the product you are considering, run it through PPAI’s Turbo Test for FDA- or CPSC-recommended tests. Find the free tool on the Product Responsibility page at

The kitchen is a great place to advertise, especially when product safety considerations take a common sense approach. Order a sample of the kitchen product you are interested in and give it a try.

Julie Richie is associate editor for PPB.