Category: Distributor
Top executive(s): Drew Davis, president
Headquarters: Denver
Founded: 1981
Employees: 19
Benefits/unique perks: 401(k) profit-sharing and employer matching, tuition reimbursement and health insurance benefits
What employees say: “Over the years, Specialty Incentives has given me the flexibility to support my family as needed, the freedom to craft my workday and set my own priorities, and the confidence to make mistakes while trying new ideas.”

What Specialty Incentives President Drew Davis says: "Where and how one works continues to evolve and as an organization we continue to do so as well. Specialty Incentives remains focused on supporting our team, particularly emotionally and mentally, now more than ever. Providing an environment where colleagues can safely ask for help or express the sensation of being overwhelmed, and then working together to support each other has been impactful. Caring has been a core value of ours going back to 1981 when we opened our doors."