In the July issue of PPB’s “Perspectives” column, PPB Editor Tina Berres Filipski delved into the faux pas of improper smartphone use.

Your latest musings on smartphones really hit a nerve with me. Smartphones allow people to turn themselves into self-involved cretins. In the last decade since these things have become ubiquitous, I have seen some of the most idiotic actions and behaviors from these people. I was behind a very slow-moving Honda Civic crawling at 22 mph in a 35-mph zone, and watched it steer right into the curb, jumping the front end of the car a good four feet up in the air. Sure enough, the young lady was staring at her smartphone the whole time.

I don't own a working cell phone at all. I have one for making 911 calls only. No other function possible. My wife and friends have many times noticed a couple on a date staring down at their phones for most all of the dinner. Your description of the family at dinner really breaks my heart. Not so much the situation et al, but the fact that the parents were not taking steps to change this. So maybe I am just a 53-year-old cranky curmudgeon, but now I need to take extra steps to keep myself safe from the people in the parking lot staring at their phone and walking right in front of my truck. Or conversely, myself walking through the parking lot when here comes a mom staring at her phone, charging down the aisle of the parking lot at 30 mph, oblivious! Your observations concerning business etiquette and smartphones were spot on.

Dave Amundson

Print Department

Chappell Office Products

Austin, Texas

UPIC: C499177

This column is right on the money. I am always amazed at cellphone use. It’s total insecurity. Thank you for keeping us on the ball.

John Patterson, MAS


Total Promotions Group, Inc.

Grayson, Georgia


In Praise Of Sensory Media

The July issue of PPB featured an excerpt from Sensory Media by Jae M. Rang, MAS, chief inspiring officer of Oakville, Ontario-based distributor JAE Associates Ltd. Rang’s book focuses on the mind and human behavior relating to promotional material.

The article in PPB captured my attention and motivated me to purchase a copy of Jae Rang’s new book. I’m nearly finished and am so grateful to her for putting pen to paper. She summarized so many of my long-held beliefs, but also introduced me to some new insights and perspectives.

I’m concluding my 49th year in the industry and still feel as energized about the power of promotion and the products we employ. I’ve wanted to write a book or at least put together written articles on the effectiveness of our medium. Jae’s book has taken a new approach to the sensory side of the power of promotion. Well done. How perceptive. And I love her references to so many notables like Dan Pink, Blanchard, Covey, Wick, etc.  I’ve read most of these people’s works and have tons of highlighted books and articles. She gathered the thinking and made it accessible. To say I love it would be an understatement.

I’ll be referencing her book and words to new and existing clients–to share the power that we know promotion has.

Jon Dubbs, MAS, CRP


recignition, LLC

Allentown, Pennsylvania

UPIC: recignition

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