Online store delivers custom gear from Frank’s Diner to fans nationwide

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Frank’s Diner, a historic landmark in Kenosha, Wisconsin that’s been serving up hearty fare for nearly 90 years, earned a rightful place in the hearts of lunch-car fanatics nationwide when it was featured in an episode of the popular Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. What followed was a massive call for Frank’s-branded memorabilia.

“I started working with the owners of Frank’s Diner in January 2009 after they were featured on the show,” says Sue Kratowicz, who works in inside sales for Kenosha distributor on3 Promotional Partners (UPIC: OnDemand). “Shortly after the episode aired, they started to receive so many calls for iconic items from the diner, they weren’t sure what to do.”

Kratowicz says the connection with Frank’s Diner came courtesy of another on3 Promotional Partners client, who mentioned a custom online store to the diner. “They were looking for a company that would be able to handle the demand of this side of their business,” she says. “And we like knowing that we can be a one-stop source for any company’s promotional marketing needs.

One thing that made the process easier was the fact that the folks at Frank’s Diner already had an idea of the kinds of products they wanted to sell, says Kratowicz. “They had been thinking of these items at the start of this program and knew exactly what they wanted to offer, in addition to the 2,000-plus blank apparel and items that we already offer with each custom online store.”


Kratowicz made regular contact with the clients, suggesting new items and apparel she felt would be ideal for the online store and the memorabilia stock at the diner’s brick-and-mortar location. A few months after initial contact, the online store was open and “stocked” with preprinted tees and promotional items. on3 also recommended promotional items exclusive to the diner location, as well as gift certificates.

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“It was the perfect solution, because anyone in the world interested in purchasing Frank’s Diner apparel and promotional items could now go to their online store,” says Kratowicz. “Doing this made it easy for them, because we hosted their store, pulled and fulfilled orders and shipped them, alleviating all responsibility and allowing them to concentrate on their diner.”


on3 also maintained inventory and notified its client as things sold out or inventory numbers became low. The online store—and the additional custom merchandise on-site—were “very successful,” says Kratowicz. “It was a hit right away both locally and throughout the country.”

Despite a recent change in ownership, Frank’s Diner continues its relationship with on3, Kratowicz says. “The partnership we have formed with both owners continues to be very strong and really wonderful.”