SPARK Education, Opportunities Draw Praise

In July, almost 70 young professionals in the promotional products industry traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, for PPAI’s third annual SPARK Conference for three days of networking and education. Attendees returned home with numerous valuable takeaways to apply to their own careers, workplace and lives.

It was so refreshing to hear Danny Rosin and Stephen McFadden’s session on corporate social responsibility, and sustainable and eco-friendly sourcing. In my four years in the industry it’s the first time I’ve heard a talk and passion for this subject. I’m motivated to include it in my company and take charge!

Reba Joy
Director Of Sales And Business Development

Rightsleeve Marketing
Toronto, Ontario
PPAI 221036

I loved the content on Friday. Between Brittany David’s presentation on how to best communicate and be heard with her awesome little nuggets to breaking out into peer sessions—it was very inspiring. The peer sessions may have actually been my favorite as we can all learn from each other and take tidbits of what works or what doesn’t, and take them back into the workplace. I think it’s a great way to develop relationships with peers and feel more comfortable reaching out if it’s ever needed.

Hannah Mangold
National Sales Representative

Raining Rose
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
PPAI 232508

I loved Thursday’s sessions because they pertained more to personal development and how to be successful as an individual regardless of the industry. They were very thought-provoking, especially the talks about an “accountability partner.” I think there were some key fundamentals to self-growth discussed that in turn will help anybody in this industry be successful.

Brittany Duval
Office Manager

Outstanding Branding, Inc.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
PPAI 707025

I really enjoyed the SPARK session led by Alyssa Inkrott and Mason Linn about mentor/mentee relationships. With one of my previous mentors, I struggled with my objectives and what I wanted out of the relationship and I felt like this session helped me home in on ways to get the most out of it. Bill Petrie’s Thursday morning presentation did the same thing for me. I have major takeaways from both that I plan to use when working with my next mentor, whom I met at SPARK.

Jackie Karr
Account Manager

Fast Decoration Automation
Columbus, Ohio
PPAI 717206

I had a great time at SPARK this year! You guys put on a great couple of days of education and networking!

Madelyn Petrarca
Vice President of Operations

Payden & Company
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
PPAI 259620


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