Category: Supplier
Top executive(s): Rob Mossman, CEO
Headquarters: Littleton, Colorado
Founded: 2009
Employees: 15
Benefits/unique perks: 401(k) with employer match and profit-sharing plan
What employees say: “Scrub Authority is the best place I have ever worked. It has a culture of attracting and retaining people with very high ownership in their work, which means we have a strong network of talented professionals who can depend on each other.”

What Scrub Authority CEO Rob Mossman says: "We believe in individual ownership. When each of our people know what they are accountable for, and what their colleagues are accountable for, we as one team find success. We have moved to a distributed workforce and now have employees in 12 states. We hire the best people regardless of physical location, leaning heavily on process and metrics to deliver results together. We focus on communication and clarity. Humans are effective when they know WHY they are doing what they do. Knowing where the company is going and why results in individual job satisfaction."