Account Manager
Klondike Advertising
PPAI 591557, D5
Anchorage, Alaska

Bendis faithfully uses a collapsible dog bowl for her pets.

“Several years ago, I pitched the Illini Collapsible Silicone Pet Bowl for a client’s community relations event. It’s since become their signature marketing piece, and I’ve snagged a dozen overruns because it’s such a convenient accessory! Whether it’s clipped to my CamelBak or stashed in my bike basket, I’m always glad to have this handy bowl on outdoor adventures with my pups.”

This collapsible silicone pet bowl is perfect for travel, walks and trips to the dog park. Use the included carabiner to attach the bowl to backpacks, leashes, purses and more. It’s easy to clean and top rack dishwasher safe.

Illini/Altco / PPAI 111235, S7 

Bendis would suggest safety products.

“I recommend Fey’s Reflectix line for clients seeking event swag that speaks to pet lovers in northern climates. Zip-Arounds are a multifunctional and low-cost way to show that you care about enhanced safety and visibility for pets and their people. I’ve also found that Reflectix leash covers are an effective thank-you gift or marketing piece for pet-related businesses.”

The Zip-Around’s reflective material provides visibility from 500 feet away. It works well with circular logos and designs and easily attaches to zippers, bags, outerwear, warmups and jackets. These tags are a low-cost option for employee safety programs and also for children, teens, adults and seniors.

Fey Promo / PPAI 113944, S8 

This slip-on leash cover represents a novel approach to pet and owner safety. They easily slide over most standard leashes and have a large imprint area.

Fey Promo / PPAI 113944, S8 

Bendis would try a ball thrower.

“My youngest rescue dog seems constantly disappointed by my throwing capabilities. Wov-In’s Tennis Ball Toss Toy might be just the ticket!”

This tennis ball toss toy has industrial strength. It’s colorfast with non-abrasive polyester. The fabric includes up to eight colors, sewn to one side of one-color classic webbing.

WOV-IN / PPAI 113213, S5 


Lemonade Promo
PPAI 753246, D3
Austin, Texas

Moya faithfully uses a pet bag dispenser.

“Since we get outdoors in Austin so much, one thing that every pet owner should own is a pet bag dispenser, because it’s highly necessary when going on walks/runs. We always say “PUP – for ‘pick up poo’!” You can’t leave home without this.”

This pet bag dispenser comes with a matching metal carabiner that attaches easily to a leash or belt for easy use on the go. It includes 15 waste bags to clean up after your furry friend, and it twists open for easy refill. Available in 14 fun colors, this item is a fun addition to any giveaway.

Tekweld / PPAI 266346, S4

Moya would suggest a customizable pet leash.

“You can’t be without an amazing leash. We have so many options for our best friends! We love recommending this 6-foot pet leash that is fully sublimated.”

An important part of pet care and ownership is exercise. Take a step in the right direction with this walking leash, which can be customized with a full-color, photographic imprint of your client’s company name and logo. Designed to be durable, it makes a great gift or giveaway for pet stores, shelters and veterinary clinics.

AZX Sport-USA / PPAI 224494, S6 

Moya would try a pet-friendly water bottle.

“I have two dogs and a cat, so water is on tap for them. I highly recommend the 33-ounce Asobu Dog Bowl water bottle when outdoors or on a walk/run. You can’t get any better than this. You get a stainless-steel water bowl that easily twists off the bottom of your water bottle.”

The stainless steel Asobu Dog Bowl water bottle has an easy-grip handle that makes it convenient to carry even on long walks with your dog. It’s equipped with a detachable stainless steel and plastic bowl that discreetly twists off the base of the bottle when it’s time to rehydrate your dog.

Ad-N-Art / PPAI 236926, S4 


Branded Merch Advocate
PPAI 537474, A00
Canyon Country, California

Solomon faithfully uses a portable water bottle.

“We have two certified therapy dogs that visit schools, special events, the airport and wherever a friendly dog is needed. Volunteering our time to see the joy these dogs bring to the people they visit has been gratifying. One of my favorite products is a portable water bottle with a drinking tray that is very convenient to use, since it’s a bottle and dish in one.”




This foldable doggie water bottle is made of high-quality food grade material. Ideal for trips or walks around the block, it offers one-hand operation – simply push the switch right to fill water and left to stop water.

Nolwenn / PPAI 747582, S3 

Solomon would try this cleaning kit.

“The classic waste bag dispenser is an essential item you must have.”

The Pooch Pack Clean Up Kit is the perfect pet care accessory to promote cleanliness and responsible pet ownership. This pouch has a quick sanitizer access hole, waste bag dispenser flap and an adjustable belt loop. It includes 15 waste bags and a 0.5-oz hand sanitizer.

Ariel Premium Supply / PPAI 161650, S11 

Solomon would suggest trying something different.

“Pets are personal, and a distributor may not want to give a client a gift for their pet. The other side of that thought is that people love their pets, and it may get a favorable response that differs from giving a traditional business-focused product. There is always some charm in being different, and it can be an excellent opportunity to share a meaningful brand message.”

This full-color bandana is available in four sizes to fit most dogs. It’s a great item for adoption drives, dog walks, shelters or any pet-related retail location.

Tekweld / PPAI 266346, S4