Category: Distributor
Top executive(s): Nick Pfister, founder and brand experience director
Headquarters: Lexington, Kentucky
Founded: 2013
Employees: 5
Benefits/unique perks: Paid holidays with optional holiday switch (to trade-off time for holidays that best suit personal needs), remote and hybrid work options, dog-friendly office, education and certification reimbursement, monthly outings
What employees say: “Promo Assets has given me the freedom to make mistakes and grow from them. I really appreciate the mindset of progress over perfection. I’ve also been given the chance to voice my concerns and opinions regarding the company, from company values and vision to benefits.”

What Nick Pfister, Promo Asset's found and brand experience director, says: “Our company strives to make a fun and supportive working environment for a group of creatives to collaborate. I’m glad our team feels the same way. We have five core values that drive everything we do: being idea-oriented, passionate, collaboration-driven, forward-focused and transparent. Our team is powered by passion and values progress over perfection. We’ve worked hard this past year to instill these values in our new hires and interns by establishing a new training protocol and launching new company initiatives that prioritize team bonding.”