Nicole Baker, 30
Account Executive
American Solutions for Business
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Getting Started
Like many, she fell into the industry unexpectedly. Having planned to move back home after college, she decided at the last minute to apply for a job in Nashville on LinkedIn. She received an offer the day before graduation to work in a support role at a distributorship.

Earning The Honor
With no experience in the industry or connections to it, she learned quickly and built an impressive client lineup, according to nominators Taylor Borst, Wayne Martin and Amy Spychalla. Baker has also embraced eCommerce with her customers, heightening sales for the company.

Your Most Difficult Challenge?
“Right now, my biggest challenge is adapting to mom life and still balancing work. I have a two-month-old, and being a mom is my biggest priority, but I want to show my daughter that women can have a career and be a mom.”

Prefer Working From Home Or In-Office?
“I love working from home. I do sometimes miss having the social aspect of the office environment, but I definitely prefer being at home.”

How Does American Solutions For Business Support You?
“Giving me the flexibility to run my business the way it works for me. I’m able to add the support I need and not use the tools I don’t need. It’s really wonderful to be able to build my business the way my clients and I need it to run.”

How Do You Define Corporate Social Responsibility In The Industry?
“We have a big responsibility to avoid brandfill as much as we can. From finding products people will use and not immediately throw away, to selling products that are sustainably sourced and ethically produced, there are so many ways for us to make sure we’re being socially responsible.”

What Inspires You?
“My why is my family. I want to do good work because I want to provide the best life possible for my family. This job and this industry allow me so much flexibility to be present for my daughter today while I’m building my business to provide for her future.”