Mel Bettua, 37
Director of Sales
Greater Boston Area

Getting Started
She was let go of her job in hospitality during the 2009 recession. Having always worked in hospitality, she knew she wanted to be in more than just an administrative role and was drawn to sales. She found HPG through, having always had an affinity and a collection of pens.

Earning The Honor
“Melissa is an influencer and recognizable face in the industry due to the hundreds of HPG virtual trade shows she hosted for distributors over the last two years,” her nominator Trina Bicknell says. She also established the HPG Edge Team, which addresses the needs of distributors with large HPG-wide projects, assembling a team of sales reps, designers and administrators who all work together to make projects across of HPG brands happen efficiently.

Proudest Moment?
“Stepping into my leadership role just a few months before the pandemic. Nobody knew what was coming. Having gotten through that with a team that is stronger than we ever were before, I would say, is an accomplishment in itself.”

Prefer Working From Home Or In-Office?
“I like the mix. I like the flexibility of being home and in my yoga pants during the day. But I also like being able to go into the office and feel a little bit more routine on the days when I commute in, and I get to walk through the building and see my team face to face.”

How Does HPG Support You?
“They have always been there with a listening ear and supported me through my trials and even my errors. I like to try things in new ways just about as much as I like to rearrange my furniture at home. I’m a big embracer of change and not always doing things the same way. HPG has always supported me and whatever ideas I might have.”

How Do You Define Corporate Social Responsibility In The Industry?
“I think that social responsibility always starts within our own factories and also with our partners overseas. ‘Charity starts at home’ is the mantra that I believe in. If we are going to promote it, we need to make sure that we are actually walking the walk.”

What Inspires You?
“What truly inspires me to do my best work is the feelings of excitement and accomplishment that I get from my team and my peers when we’ve reached our goals. I think those are really the moments that I live for.”