Indigo Shea, 24
Sand Scripts / AdBibLine
Brielle, New Jersey

Getting Started
“My parents own distributor Sand Scripts and supplier AdBibLine. I’ve been helping since a very young age with production, logistics, artwork ideas, management and social media aspects.”

Earning The Honor
Shea was nominated by her mother and father, who call her the “new face of our promotional products company.” She has been acting in a managerial position within the company since Covid. She sewed masks, printed disposable masks and came up with other ways to stay busy and help customers get through these very difficult times. She had just finished college and was ready to start work in the entertainment industry as a theatrical designer, and instead is working on making her career to continue the family business.

Proudest Moment?
“Learning and tackling the new machinery we get, like the pad printer and laser cutter. I’m dissecting their qualities to create new products and opportunities for the company.”

Your Most Difficult Challenge?
“Managing two careers in theatre production and design while helping to manage and create new products at Sand Scripts/AdBibLine. I have two separate jobs in that way, working full time doing both, so it’s a juggling process, but I totally love both equally. I also have my own side project business of making theatre-inspired jewelry and art, selling at R59 Creates, a successful Etsy shop.”

Prefer Working From Home Or In-Office?
“I prefer to work from home, so I can work on my own time and days that I designate for this job, in particular. This allows me to use those other days for gig working as a theatrical stagehand and designer. I’m extremely grateful for the flexibility the company gives me in letting me create my own schedule — as I know the tasks I have to get done and the timeframe in which I have to do them.”

What Innovations Are Needed In The Industry?
“I think any technological or digital innovation that helps in pushing this personalization trend that is so important to the promotional product industry is needed. Whether that be a laser cutter to engrave a logo, or name or whatever is the new and upcoming machine, it’s important to stay relevant in understanding the scope and possibilities at hand in the future. Everyone wants small quantities personalized these days and continuing to develop lines with very small quantity options for personalization is very important.”

What Inspires You?
“I’m inspired when we get amazing feedback from the clients about how our products helped enhance their events or lives. It shows how even the strangest and smallest things can make others smile and round out a special day or cause.”