Category: Supplier
Top executive(s): Paul Cosaro, managing partner and “captain picnic”
Headquarters: Moorpark, California
Founded: 1982ghb65
Employees: 64
Benefits/unique perks: a make-up time program where employees can take time off and make it up later in the week; SPAM, an employee-managed group that organizes events; tuition reimbursement, remote and hybrid scheduling, on- site carwash
What employees say: “Our leadership team is always open to new ideas of how to approach age-old questions. My input feels valued and every scenario is a learning opportunity. Yes, there are busy days and hectic situations, but I’d be hard-pressed to find a time when I didn’t have the full support of my team.”

What Captain Picnic Paul Cosaro of Picnic Time Family of Brands says: "As with most companies, the pandemic threw us for a major loop. At the heart of it all though, we stayed focused on what is most important: our people. Living our values became more important than ever in powering through the pandemic and then coming out of it stronger than ever. Our main goal was to make sure we created an environment where our people could find some comfort in a scary time. We tried to create an oasis in a desert of uncertainty. Specifically, significant increases in company-wide, departmental and one-on-one communication not only maintained but increased trust. We also doubled down on the fun. Despite being remote, our culture team went above and beyond to make people feel the love. In short, we took care of one another in a very tough time. It was inspiring."