Canadian distributor Brand Blvd. (PPAI 395464, Standard-Base) launched a self-promo campaign dubbed “Avocado Summer” designed to highlight its creative services, custom-made promotional items and direct import capabilities. Because pandemic-related slowdowns had created significant supply chain problems for clients, Brand Blvd. sought to present custom items as an alternative to off-the-shelf items that were often out of stock.

avocado pool float

The initiative featured bright green avocado pool floats designed by and made specifically for Brand Blvd. These were shipped in custom packaging with personalized notes handwritten to each recipient that included an invitation to share on social media. Targeting a thousand selected clients and prospects across the country, the campaign generated $97,000 in opportunities and $61,000 in booked jobs.

 Brand Blvd. personalized "make a splash" note