New York state-based distributor Cooley Group (PPAI 278317, D3) helped the Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund raise more than $200,000 – and boost civic pride in the Saratoga Springs community – with a custom Monopoly game showcasing distinctive elements of the city.

Saratoga Springs Monopoly game board

A Cooley Group brand consultant worked with local companies and organizations to arrange sponsorships of game tokens and board properties, selling naming rights of individual properties and converting the coveted “Boardwalk” space into the iconic Saratoga Race Course.

Saratoga Springs Monopoly tokens

These sponsorships, as well as the inclusion of other Saratoga Springs landmarks, transformed the traditional game board into a product customized for the community, a symbol of pride for residents and a unique souvenir for visitors. Working with the supplier, Cooley Group managed all the details of production and delivery, adhering to the strict requirements of game-maker Hasbro.

The 5,000 game boards sold out, and all proceeds went directly to the community fund to support local organizations and initiatives like youth programs, food pantries and community centers.