AGBT, a world-renowned provider of three prestigious conference and networking events for the life sciences and global biotech community, partnered with St. Louis-based distributor Advertising Premium Sales (PPAI 101466, D6) for its first virtual Annual International Conference with a goal of increasing the number of early registrants.

AGBT wanted to offer each event sponsor the opportunity to provide an item for its swag box, so Advertising Premium Sales compiled a “shopping list” of appropriate items for attendees that the sponsors could choose from. Each sponsor then selected an item, and the distributor team worked to ensure that each item exceeded expectations. Advertising Premium Sales partnered with nearby supplier The Chest (PPAI 111653, S6) to deliver more than 700 packages worldwide on deadline, bundling print collateral from many of the sponsors.

The project was a success, with almost 700 participants registering early, one of the largest early turnouts AGBT ever had for its annual conference.