Category: Supplier
Top executive(s): Dan Edge, president
Headquarters: Newark, New Jersey
Founded: 1927
Employees: 37
Benefits/unique perks: Weekly happy hours, monthly barbecues and office parties/lunches, themed office days, flexible scheduling when volume allows
What employees say: “Working at Peerless Umbrella Co. has given me the opportunity to grow professionally. My direct manager is a great leader who not only makes sure everything is going in the correct way, but also cares on a personal level for each of us, which makes my work experience smoother and satisfactory.”

What Peerless Umbrella President Dan Edge says: “We are all about culture. We all spend so many hours in the office each week and being a supplier we don’t have as much flexibility to have people working remote. It’s really important that the hours we all spend in the office are as enjoyable as possible and I believe it’s the small things that make a difference. Our now famous Friday Happy Hour, where we roll out a cooler in the middle of the office and pack it with cold beer and seltzers each Friday at 4 pm, has become the highlight of the week for so many. In addition, bringing in bagels for customer service meetings and celebrating employee birthdays and work anniversaries are simple things, but are always appreciated. Sometimes it gets stressful, but we take care of each other here. We aren't just employees at a company. We're family.”