The Partnering GroupJenny Taylor, executive director

AAA Innovations (PPAI 110972, S4)Kelly Borre, Melissa Gustafson and Michele Sabia, promoted to vice president, regional sales; James Mahnke and Keith Simon, promoted to executive vice president, group sales

Chocolate Inn/Lanco (PPAI 111662, S7)Andrea Fenner, Mid-Atlantic sales rep, and Kerrie Gallichio and Gina Mojeda, customer service representatives

Citizen Watch Company (PPAI 410292, S1)Rob Fishbein of Robert Fishbein Multi-Line to represent the company in Arizona and California

Gemline (PPAI 113948, S11)Frank Carpenito, president; Jonathan Isaacson, promoted to chairman and chief executive officer; and Saadia Bryant, promoted to vice president of marketing, product and design

The Magnet Group (PPAI 338534, S12)Tessa Mescher, promoted to key account inside sales manager

Penn Emblem Company (PPAI 537470, S1)Carly Wenderlich, content and social media specialist

Quinn (PPAI 360359, S6)Sarah Mayberry, communicator; Carrie Mosley, graphic artist; and Joe Small, product coordinator

Raining Rose (PPAI 232508, S7)Alyssa Inkrott, national sales executive for national and large accounts

Sonoma Promo (PPAI 204856, S7)Betty Borloz, promoted to sales manager

Trimark (PPAI 198892, S10)Kate Boyce, vice president and general manager


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.