NALC And Tech Summit Earn Attendees’ Approval
PPAI’s North American Leadership Conference (NALC) and Tech Summit, held consecutively in Irving, Texas, this year, brought together industry leaders and IT professionals, respectively, to connect and learn about the latest opportunities and challenges facing the industry.   

[NALC] was a great chance to step outside of my day-to-day business and interact with thought leaders from all aspects of our industry.

Mark Shinn, MAS

West Newcastle, Washington
PPAI 224617, R

I enjoyed the networking and side conversations [at NALC], and that the content focused on making us look at external threats and opportunities. 

Michael Harper
Summit Group
Silver Spring, Maryland
PPAI 105050, D11

It was great to catch up with peers, customers and service providers. [Tech Summit] is an excellent snapshot of what the industry is looking forward to for the year as well.

David Jackson
Director of IT
City of Industry, California
PPAI 113914, S11

I like the fact that there was a good variety of topics and speakers [at Tech Summit]. Each speaker added his or her own flavor, which kept the event interesting. 

Sonny Beck
IT Manager

American Ad Bag Co.
Woodstock, Illinois
PPAI 111067, S10


Getting Into The Right Mindset
In the August issue, speaker and author Brad Wolff’s Leadership column highlighted how the right mindset can transform a leader’s results.

We can all get caught up in the daily grind if we don’t have new perspectives to remind us to look at things differently. I will be sure to share this piece with our teams. Thanks for taking the time to craft it. May the learning never stop.

Samantha Brown, MAS
Director of Marketing
BrandVia Alliance, Inc.
San Jose, California
PPAI 105536, D10


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James Khattak is news editor of PPB.