Robert Hulet
President & Co-founder, Prox Devices
PPAI 823426

How did your company get its start?

We founded Prox Devices to make a device that reliably alerts a person when a phone is left behind. It is a “phone reminder device,” not an item tracker. Engineers and perfectionists founded the company. The result is a patented and patent-pending device that is constantly learning its environment, is genuinely usable daily by the consumer without annoying false alerts and is effortless to set up and operate.

It is also the only product on the market with no phone app, passwords, subscription, registration, tracking or data collection, including location or personal information. In addition, it will initially alert you that you have left your phone behind even if your phone is temporarily turned off. No other device on the market does that. What we created was our flagship product, the Prox PRD, simple to use for most but full of technology, making it fun and adjustable. No app required.

What led your company to enter the promotional products market?

Our company recognized the immense potential of the promotional products market as a powerful tool for brand recognition and customer engagement. We saw the impact that creative and well-designed promotional products could have on businesses in various industries.

What’s your favorite thing about being in the promotional products industry?

One of the most rewarding aspects of being in the promotional products industry is witnessing the positive impact our products have on our clients’ businesses. We take pride in knowing that our promotional items play a role in increasing brand visibility, fostering customer loyalty and driving sales.

Additionally, the creative nature of the industry allows us to constantly explore new ideas and solutions, making every day a dynamic and exciting journey.

Why did you join PPAI?

We decided to join PPAI because we firmly believe in the importance of staying connected to the promotional products community. PPAI offers invaluable resources, networking opportunities and educational programs that keep us updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Being part of PPAI allows us to strengthen our business, provide better services to our clients and contribute to the growth of the promotional products industry as a whole.


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