Mascorro Leather

Yamina Mascorro


Commerce, California

PPAI# 385455 UPIC: Mascorro

How did your company get its start?

We’re a family-owned and operated company that has been in business for about 40 years. My parents founded it as a grassroots operation that started in our family’s garage, selling to flea markets and swap meets. Eventually, we started going to trade shows. We’ve catered to the Harley-Davidson market for 30 years, and we do private label for a number of companies. Today, we have about 65 employees and everything’s done at our facility in Commerce, California.

What led your company to enter the promotional products market?

We started getting calls from clients in the promotional products industry asking for our products. We saw that we were missing some opportunities and decided to get a better hold of them. We pride ourselves in offering “Made in USA” products at a competitive price.

What's your favorite thing about being in the promotional products industry?

I like all of the different projects and companies that you get to deal with. Some are tiny, some are huge. It’s the diversity of the industry. And I like seeing our products tied to some big names out there, especially when they are American companies.

Why did you join PPAI?

We were doing a lot of work without being a member, and thought it made sense to actually join. It also gives us more visibility into this market.