Q: Over the past year, what extra actions have you taken to strengthen your company’s culture and keep employees engaged, motivated and happy at work?

Kirk Graves, CEO, Concord Marketing Group

“Obviously, the past year has been very challenging. We did several things to help us survive the last year:

  1. We continued to function with the understanding to treat each other the way you want to be treated. The last year has been very interesting and everyone has a different opinion. We tried very hard to respect everyone’s opinion and recognize each other’s differences.
  2. We were able to convert to a remote work environment extremely quickly. Our IT team had everyone up and functioning remotely through TEAMS in a few days.
  3. HR and payroll did an amazing job of managing FFCRA, which was extremely helpful for many of our employees as they worked through the challenge of having small children at home and remote learning.
  4. We created regular videos to keep people informed.
  5. Virtual cocktail parties
  6. TEAMS, TEAMS, TEAMS to keep people connected.