Just a few short weeks ago, PPAI wrapped up the Association’s annual spring board meeting. It’s always an important gathering of the directors representing you, along with PPAI staff, as we chart our progress and plan the course ahead.

This year the meeting was held at The Broadmoor, a historic and picturesque resort in Colorado. This property also hosted the 2022 PPAI North American Leadership Conference and is clearly a business that understands the value of promotional products.

At NALC last summer, I witnessed the value of promo to The Broadmoor firsthand. Stepping away from the conference’s keynotes and panels to follow up on a call, I quickly witnessed the unpredictability of the surrounding mountains as a torrential downpour came over the property, sending guests scattering. At the same time, I noticed that these conditions were creating panic for a group of folks getting ready to head to their wedding rehearsal dinner. It was clear they would have to walk across the property in their best attire, and they were wrestling with what to do. No one had thought to pack an umbrella for the event.

Just as the group had resigned themselves to a wet and miserable evening, two resort staffers entered the lobby and began passing out hotel-branded umbrellas to the group and placing dozens more just in front of the door for any guest to use. I watched as the relieved wedding party walked outside and across the property to their venue, all in a line with big, sturdy umbrellas boasting The Broadmoor logo.

I’ve been in this business for a long time, but even I was impressed by the statement that visual made.

The resort’s small investment in umbrellas had a huge impact on these customers' experience and completely turned an unpleasant situation into a lifetime memory.

Thinking back on that scene, I have great pride in what our industry provides to The Broadmoor and countless other businesses the world over. We help brands and organizations express themselves, tell stories and make connections. For a hotel, it may be with a timely umbrella for the walk over to a milestone event. For a real estate agent, it could be a keepsake writing instrument they give to a young family signing the deed to their first home.

These are not just things, they are memories.

Spreading that message and multiplying the effect of promo is the core mission of PPAI’s Promotional Products Work initiative. As it happens, we spent a healthy share of the time at our April board meeting strategizing and aligning support to expand and evolve this campaign. We believe that telling these stories is vital to our continued growth as an industry.

Whether it’s through the spring and fall PPW festivities, or by creating online content for end buyers, your board and PPAI staff are doing our part on your behalf to keep the importance of promo top of mind and well regarded by our ultimate clients.

Much like those umbrellas, we have you covered.