Q: How are you differentiating your company as a top employer in today’s crowded marketplace?

“One way we do is that we allow employees to help to determine the direction of the company. Our employees aren’t just the eyes and ears of the company, they help lay the foundation for where and what we do next. Everyone has an understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities—that way, when needed, everyone can pitch in for the good of the company. Everyone makes a bonus off of the same company-wide goals, keeping the team atmosphere driven and focused together. We hit our fourth quarter goal as a company and that resulted in a company-sponsored retreat in Las Vegas. As a company, we will do everything we can to make sure all employees have all the tools and backing they need to provide a white glove experience when doing business with us. More important, when something goes wrong, and we all know it does, the company goes above and beyond to fix it and maintain the client relationship even when there is a negative financial impact. Keeping a fun, upbeat and respectful working environment is so important.”