Allyson Kosko, MAS

Program Manager 
PPAI 102261, D10
Greenbelt, Maryland

Kosko faithfully uses this handy bowl. 

“I use my Gemline W&P Porter ceramic bowl faithfully for lunch every day. The silicone sleeve around the bowl and secure lid would make it perfect for camping. The silicone sleeve keeps the bowl safe, and the lid keeps bugs out of my food.”

The Porter Bowl is a premium ceramic lunch bowl that features a protective silicone wrap, rigid plastic lid and snap-tight silicone strap. Perfect for wherever life may take you, it can eliminate more than 200 days’ worth of plastic takeout packaging each year. 

Gemline / PPAI 113948, S11 

Kosko wants to try a personal coffee press, a coffee lover’s dream on the go. 

“I must have my coffee! I would love to try the Bodum Tribute Coffee Press with Double Wall Beaker from Hirsch. It says it’s easy to use and clean. Yes, please!”

The Bodum Tribute Press Coffee Maker is a stylish and unique way to enjoy your morning coffee. Based on the beloved French press brewing system, this coffee maker features a stainless-steel double wall body that keeps your coffee hotter for longer.

Hirsch / PPAI 221823, S10 

Kosko would suggest a multi-purpose tool like the Portable Solar Charger Bank with LED light, SOS mode, carabiner and compass from Active Life Promo. 

“No matter what kind of camping you’re doing, this all-in-one item makes it perfect to take along with you.”

Active Life Promo / PPAI 436753, S1


Tyler Merriam, MAS
Adirondack Awards and Promotions 
PPAI 276905, D2
Lake Placid, New York

Merriam faithfully uses this giant jug. 

“I’m a big fan of the RTIC Gallon Jug. It’s simple, well made and the perfect size for an overnight trip for two people. I wouldn’t carry it on a backpacking or canoe camping trip, but it’s a great addition for a short-term car camping or glamping trip where staying hydrated is still key.”

RTIC Jugs are made with stainless steel and are double-wall vacuum insulated. This keeps drinks ice-cold longer, plus it works for hot beverages. There’s an extra-wide opening for easy filling, drinking and cleaning.

Diamondback Branding / PPAI 655170, S6 

Merriam wants to try this car-friendly cooler. 

“I’ve definitely wanted to try the Herschel Pop Quiz 12-Can Cooler. Herschel has a great reputation for quality products, and I love that they use recycled fabric to manufacture this and other coolers. Plus, the key clip bottle opener is a nice touch.”

PCNA / PPAI 113079, S15

Merriam would suggest this safety gear.

“I always suggest that clients consider headlamps as a great camping product. They’re practical and convenient and have a high chance of being used and seen in a variety of circumstances. A rechargeable option, like the Wave Sensor LED Rechargeable Headlight, has the added benefit of impressions both while in use and while charging.”

Starline / PPAI 112719, S10 


Amelia Madl
Vice President of Supplier Sales
PPAI 110698
Middleboro, Massachusetts 

Madl wants to try a campsite must-have. 

“Once you get settled at your campsite, it’s nice to relax and unwind. I’d love to test out the Basecamp Hammock. They are lightweight, include a carrying pouch and even have a beverage holder so you don’t have to worry about knocking over your drink. It will also hold up to 500 pounds, so there is plenty of space for the kids to climb in and cuddle.”

SnugZ USA / PPAI 112982, S11 

Madl would suggest something to sit in around the campfire. 

“A must-have is a good camping chair. If you camp like I do, there is a lot of sitting happening, and a good chair can be the difference between enjoying your outing or needing a massage at the end of your trip. I prefer a chair that has a drink holder and a deeper pocket to store your phone or sunglasses in when not using them. Camping chairs are so versatile. I also keep one in my car most of the year, just in case there isn’t seating at my kids’ sports events.”

The Sourcing Department / PPAI 223864, S6

Madl faithfully uses this durable cooler. 

“Camping is all about the great outdoors, and the one thing that has to be packed is the cooler. For camping, I prefer something that can take a beating and will keep my beverages chilled for days. Pelican offers several sizes to choose from so you are covered for a day outing or an extended weekend. Plus, they are made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee.”

The 80-Quart Pelican Elite wheeled cooler performs to the highest of standards, better and tougher than any other cold locker or icebox. Extreme insulation keeps ice for up to eight days. 

Logomark / PPAI 110898, S11 


Renee Holmes
Sales Coordinator
Brand Fuel
PPAI 277900, D8
Raleigh, North Carolina

Holmes faithfully uses this bug repellent. 

“One of my favorite products that I have sampled for myself recently is the Mosquito Repelling Lantern from PCNA. I personally love to unwind with a cocktail after work and watch the sunset in my front yard, but the mosquitos and flies will ruin the whole vibe in a matter of minutes. Problem solved! I can just hang this powerful little lantern from a low-hanging tree branch and let it work its magic, saving both the evening and my sanity. I know that this will be packed away on my next camping adventure, and it’s rechargeable, so no batteries are ever required, which is a major plus in my book.”

PCNA / PPAI 113079, S15 /

Holmes would suggest the secret tool to make the perfect cup of Joe. 

“This product is not necessarily marketed as outdoor, but I can Asobu-lutely see it fitting right into a camping or glamping product presentation right along with the lanterns and grills. Coffee lovers cannot live without that morning cup, so the Asobu Pourover from Ad-N-Art would be my best suggestion in this case. All that is required to brew your hot coffee is the ground coffee itself plus hot water, and let the Pourover do the rest. Plus, the stainless-steel carafe stores 32 ounces and keeps it hot for 12 hours so you are all set for the entire day.”

Ad-N-Art / PPAI 236926, S4 

Holmes wants to try this portable grill. 

“I’ve had my eye on the Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill from IMAGEN Brands for a while now. It is absolutely the perfect camping companion! It comes complete with a carrying case for easy transport, has a push-button starter and an adjustable burner that is fueled off your standard propane cylinders. It states that the propane lasts for up to 2.5 hours on high, so you can cook your meal and fire it up later for s’mores and probably start all over the next day. I’ve already imagined several scenarios that this would come in handy, like camping and tailgating, or just grilling whenever inspiration strikes.” 

IMAGEN Brands / PPAI 114197, S10