Element5 Digital / Unsplash.com

In late May, PPAI launched PromoPoll on PPB Newslink, a quick, informal, twice-weekly poll that captures a snapshot of opinions on a wide range of current topics. 

In its opening weeks, PromoPoll asked four questions to gauge opinions on related concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic:

Where do you think we are on the timeline of COVID-19’s impact on our industry?”—40 percent said “in the middle,” 31 percent said “still in the beginning,” 23 percent said “we’ve hit the bottom and are close to starting to climb out of it,” and six percent said they were not sure.

When do you think you’ll be comfortable going to a trade show?”—32 percent said September, five percent said November, 22 percent said January and 41 percent said they were not sure.

Which, if any, would affect your attendance at a trade show?”—53 percent said “crowds on the show floor,” 16 percent said “flights and car services in the show city,” 12 percent said “cleanliness of convention center and hotel” and 18 percent said none of the above.

When will you feel safe to travel by air?”—49 percent said they were not sure, 36 percent said September, eight percent said January and seven percent said November.

To participate in the latest polls and see how your industry peers have responded to other topical questions, visit pubs.ppai.org/polls.


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.