This is the fifth installment in a year-long series of department profiles to help readers learn more about the PPAI staff members who serve them.

PPAI’s IT department is responsible for most of the technology used at PPAI. Outside of a few third-party tools, the department handles the infrastructure hardware and software, enterprise AMS and database work, electronic order processing, cloud services, security systems, security training, technology compliance, custom development, websites, third-party app integrations, phone system, communication solutions, budgeting, reporting and troubleshooting. Besides normal IT operations and everything that goes along with it, some of the department’s team serve as staff liaisons to the PPAI Tech Committee and PPAI Tech Summit Workgroup, and are involved in development of the annual Tech Summit event. As with many organizations, PPAI is continuously evaluating and enhancing its tech solutions to make the Association more efficient, more secure, more productive and more agile and to create a strong tech foundation for the organization. 

Doug Andreasen
Senior IT Manager
I enjoy all things trains. I’m an avid railroad photographer and model railroader in my spare time.

Kevin Claros
System Administrator
In my free time I like to plan, build and drive racecars, with my fastest time being a 10.8-second quarter mile. Most weekends you will find me in the garage or spending time at some car-related event.

Paul Elfstrom
Director of Information Technology
I play guitar in a band with friends I’ve known for many years. We rarely play in public because we want to keep it fun. Usually we’re just entertaining friends and family and ourselves. It’s a wonderful thing to experience and I hope it never ends. It’s a treasured chapter in my life.

Trent Grandey
Sr. Software Architect/ Development Manager
When not in front of my computer, I can be found watching MMA fights or spending time in my professional woodworking shop in my garage.

Zahid Iqbal
.Net Developer
I have a Texas teaching license in IT for K-12 and an Australian teaching license in Business and IT.

Humayoon Mohammad
.Net Developer
I speak four languages: Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic and English.

Vicki Sypien
Project Manager
I am a hobby enthusiast for woodworking and digital graphic design and a heavily involved volunteer with YoungLife Arlington. 


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.