Category: Distributor
Top executive(s): Jeff Ross, president
Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri
Founded: 1971
Employees: 92
Benefits/unique perks: Dental, vision and life insurance, and 401(k) employer matching
What employees say: “I would describe working at Indoff as a laidback work environment with a lot of autonomy to complete my workload. I love the open-door policy and being able to speak to the leadership team at any time. I feel appreciated for the work that I do and love that the CEO greets everyone by name daily.”

What Indoff President Jeff Ross says: 

"Indoff knows that the sales profession continues to change. To attract the best, we need to offer the best. To that end, Indoff has made the following changes in an effort to empower salespeople:
  • to spend their time solely focused on selling and not administration
  • to have freedom to sell however and whenever they wish; we do not manage our salespeople
  • to earn the best living as a W-2 employee (highest commission rate in the industry)
  • We share supplier rebates with our salespeople
  • Indoff has provided an in-house design specialist who can provide same-day turnaround
  • Indoff now has CSR (customer service representation) to do all of the customer ordering, sourcing and follow-up
  • Indoff now pays a minimum of 60% of the gross profit....and up to 75%.
  • Indoff now provides internal resources to develop company stores, marketing programs/campaigns, etc.
  • We fund TAS certification
  • We offer a stipend for those who attend The PPAI Expo
  • We provide a popular industry search engine and presentation tool
  • Indoff has sales tax nexus in most states, therefore relieving the buyers' burden of remitting use tax payments to states for purchases made through Indoff."