Category: Distributor
Top executive(s): Ken Leslie, president, and Paul Bower, CEO
Headquarters: Glendora, California
Founded: 2009
Employees: 11
Benefits/unique perks: Three to five weeks of PTO; 401(k) with employer matching; fitness and gym reimbursement, flexible scheduling, sit/stand desks
What employees say: “I have been provided with so much education and feedback in the promo world. I can’t believe the difference in my knowledge from just a year ago!... Myself and my coworkers feel very valued and can tell by the excellent way we are treated at work.”

What Imagen, Inc. President Ken Leslie and CEO Paul Bower say: "We do our best to create a great company culture, but we feel that being included in this list says as much or more about our incredible team members than it does about us as leaders. We all make sure to regularly set aside time, be it our weekly happy hours, regular company lunches or other special events (both during and outside of working hours) to have fun together and simply enjoy each other’s company.”