I can tell you that the Get In Touch!® campaign is blazing hot! We asked you to share how you are using the Get In Touch content, key messaging and tools, and are overwhelmed by your creativity and innovation—thank you! In the spirit of sharing, here’s what some of you are doing to not only get in touch but stay in touch:

Home Pages. Prominently placed for all to see, visitors to some practitioners’ websites are welcomed by the Get In Touch! campaign. What a great way to invite interest and help others learn about this campaign.

Banners. Getting out and sharing the power of promotional products at industry events, trade shows and other venues plays a significant role in our business. Many are using banners to tell the Get In Touch! story using current research statistics of how consumers relate to promotional products.

Video. Distributors, small and large, have tagged onto the Get In Touch! video commercial, and have created custom co-op trailers promoting their businesses on YouTube and other multimedia channels.

Wearables. There’s no better way to get the word out than to put it on the most purchased promotional products—wearables. You are all practicing what you preach to your customers— put your message on something. Get In Touch! has several logo options and all look amazing on wearables of all types.

Social Media. So many of you have embraced the social media options that the Get In Touch! tool kit offers and are tailoring it to your business. The infographics, videos, social and digital ads, graphics and more reach your audiences and tell a compelling story about how our $21 billion industry is quickly gaining momentum in advertising and marketing efforts.

Word-Of-Mouth. Others have taken the time to share key messages about the power of promotional products through podcasts, video blogs and speaking at live events. You are the subject matter experts, and have the innate ability to advance the promotional products industry by positioning our medium as a top-of-mind advertising strategy in the minds of advertisers and buyers.
Kudos to all of you for embracing the Get In Touch! campaign. Keep sharing it using #GetInTouch on social media. We all want to learn and be inspired by the imagination of others so please email me examples of your Get In Touch! campaign at PPB@ppai.org. You are all making an important difference in the promotional products industry—many thanks.

Taking Our Industry To New Heights
Your commitment to this campaign as you share it with your partners and clients is responsible for moving our industry to levels we have never been before. The Get In Touch! campaign’s focus is to increase awareness and improve the overall perception of the industry. When awareness and perceptions are strong, we will gain market share and increase advertising spend on promotional products.

Earlier this year we announced that PPAI’s mission and strategic plan were retooled to move our goals from transactional to relational. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. As promotional professionals, we are building relationships with suppliers, distributors, customers and others every day. We are all working hard to grow the promotional products industry. And from what we’ve seen just in the first months of this five-year campaign, our industry will be ascending to stratospheric heights.

How You Can Get In Touch!
Now is the time to Get In Touch! The 2018 media planning and budgeting season is just weeks away. Be prepared, download the tool kit, add your logo and contact information and get started now. It is easy to get on board and enjoy the success that comes from many PPAI members working this campaign to their best advantage. Visit ppai.org/getintouch and see how truly easy it is to Get In Touch!

Staying In Touch In 2017
We have many ways for you to stay in touch through the rest of 2017. Check out the regional promotional products show schedule at www.regionalassociation.org/home/regional-calendar. Make it an event by taking your staff to these shows, and, for those end-buyer shows, invite your customers. It’s a wonderful way for you to strengthen relationships. Have a happy and safe summer!