Joseph Sommer
Whitestone Works
PPAI 666851, D4
Austin, Texas







Sommer faithfully uses a quilted blanket.

“We take our two dogs to the park almost every day, but every weekend we faithfully take with us Numo’s Quilted Blanket with us to sit down on as we just hang and chill for a couple hours. It’s nice to sit down on, it’s big, and the quality is exceptional. It’s become an essential piece and conveniently packs into a branded matching drawstring bag.”

This puffy quilted blanket works great indoors or out, and it conveniently packs down into its included matching drawstring bag. The sustainably produced nylon material is lightweight and washable, and it sheds beach sand or ba-guette crumbs with a simple shake. It’s definitely a staple piece for the beach or that special spot under the big tree at the park.

Numo / PPAI 112597, S9 /

Sommer wants to try something sweet.

“Filling people’s bellies is the fastest way to their hearts, which is why I love supporting Maple Ridge Farms and encourage all our customers to think about how to incorporate gifting delicious treats to their staff, customers and raving fans. I have yet to try their Churro Toffee, but I imagine that it’ll be a 10 out of 10 like everything else that comes out of their kitchen.”

Cinnamon churro toffee, covered in rich white chocolate and topped with a special blend of cinnamon and sugar, is paired with signature English butter toffee. This toffee is made the old-fashioned way with plenty of dairy-fresh Wis-consin butter for a flavor that’s almost impossible to find anymore. The sustainable wooden collector’s box contains 11 ounces and bears your client’s logo fire-branded or foil-stamped in your choice of color on the lid.

Maple Ridge Farms / PPAI 114165, S8 /

Sommer would suggest comfort and sustainability.

“We are huge fans of Marine Layer, and whenever we get the chance, we talk about their brand with customers. We share how incredible their Re-Spun program is and that you can produce seven different styles of custom Pan-tone-colored garments. The quality is unbeatable, they are a B Corp, and they proudly produce in the United States. Win, win, win!”

Not only is this signature custom-dyed crew the most absurdly soft shirt recipients will ever wear, but it’s also made with recycled beechwood, so it’s sustainable, too. It’s the shirt of dreams: soft, never see-through.

Marine Layer / PPAI 690355, S1 /

Tricia Williams
My Tribe Print & Promo
PPAI 769794, D3
Lake Park, Georgia




Williams faithfully uses products to empower and advocate.

“As a Native American and a survivor of domestic violence, domestic violence awareness stickers tailored explicitly for Native American tribes hold significant personal benefits for me. [I’m working with Gill Studios to help a client create] stickers that will effectively convey the message of domestic violence awareness within our communities. I can help raise awareness and educate others about the pressing issue of domestic violence within Native American tribes, fostering a culture of support, understanding and empathy. The stickers serve as a visual tool to spark conversations, encourage victims to seek help and empower survivors by reminding them that they are not alone.”

Gill Studios / PPAI 114157, S11 /

Williams wants to try something that's handcrafted.

“Wendell August Forge has got some gorgeous materials that we’ve witnessed at trade shows. I love the fact that we can literally custom-create pretty much anything that we’d like to highlight for our clients. From Christmas orna-ments to commemorative pieces, each item is handcrafted specifically for the client that we’re working with. Personally, I think their pieces are beautiful, and each one is unique to the person who has created it.”

Toast to the perfect gift. This beautiful floral-inspired wine glass can be personalized with the recipient’s first or last initial. Each monogrammed initial is uniquely adorned with florals, as well as a border of hammered flowers. It makes a great gift for Mother’s Day, wedding parties, your best clients or something special just because.

Wendell August Forge / PPAI 236082, S1 /

Avery Manko
The Manko Company
PPAI 221758, D4
Mendenhall, Pennsylvania









Manko faithfully uses this kitchen tool.

“I eat a ton of oranges and grapefruit, and I use the citrus peeler on the end opposite of the spreader. It works great. I use the spreader to fish out peanut butter when I’m at the bottom of the jar. This item is so handy.”

This is a great kitchen tool for spreading cream cheese on bagels or for making the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There is a citrus peeler on the opposite end to help you remove the peel from your favorite citrus fruit with ease.

Evans Manufacturing / PPAI 110747, S11 /

Manko wants to try this sports bottle.

“I sold the item sight-unseen and will order a sample. I drink protein shakes at lunch instead of having a full meal. This item looks like quality, and I’ll bet it does a great job mixing the protein shakes.”

This 20-ounce transparent shaker bottle with drink-through lid comes in a classic straight-wall cylinder design with rigid construction for superior durability. It’s ideal for athletic facilities, sports, schools, travel agencies and gift shops.

Garyline / PPAI 112004, S10 /

Manko would suggest something everyone could use.

“Many of my customers are business-to-customer, so I recommend kitchen items. Everyone needs a chip clip. My customers distribute them quickly, and I get reorders for them regularly.”

This 4-inch bag clip, available in four colors, helps keep food fresher longer and your client’s brand top of mind.

Hit Promotional Products / PPAI 113910, S14 /

Valdez is an associate editor at PPAI.