1338Tryon (PPAI 649357, D4)

Category: Distributor
Headquarters: Portland, Oregon
Founded: 2014
Top Executive: Heather Comerford, president and CEO
Employees: 8
Website: 1338tryon.com

Survey Results: Strong values and ethics, motivation to succeed, opportunities to learn and grow, new ideas welcome, confidence in leadership, well-informed about important company decisions

What employees say: “1338Tryon is always an adventure! We have grown so much in the last few years, and our talent pool has only elevated with the growth. I am so proud to be a part of this team.”

Hasseman Marketing & Communications (PPAI 314957, D5)

Category: Distributor
Headquarters: Coshocton, Ohio
Founded: 2004
Top Executive: Kirby Hasseman, owner and CEO
Employees: 6
Website: hassemanmarketing.com

Survey Results: Good pay and benefits, training and tools provided, employee recognition, employees recommend working here

What employees say: “Hasseman Marketing is a place that challenges me, expects the most out of me and continues to help me become better not only as an employee, but more importantly, a person. It is a place where I am free to voice my opinion, a place I can be vulnerable, and a place which is ever evolving for the better.”

North Georgia Promotions (PPAI 511186, D3)

Category: Distributor
Headquarters: Alpharetta, Georgia
Founded: 2009
Top Executive: Shawn LaFave, MAS, president
Employees: 5
Website: ngapromotions.com

Survey Results: New ideas welcome, opportunities to learn and grow, confidence in leadership, fair pay, strong values and ethics

What employees say: “I feel greatly appreciated for all the work that I do for this company. My coworkers are phenomenal, and I look forward to coming in every day. Ideas are always welcomed here, and any method to improve efficiency is quickly implemented. Everything is well-organized, down to the planning of the machines, layout and equipment – whatever you need is always within arm’s reach. It’s incredible how the little changes here and there lead to an outstanding and unique working experience. I’m very happy to be a part of it!”

QUICK T’S (PPAI 284969, D2)

Category: Distributor
Headquarters: Chesapeake, Virginia
Founded: 1997
Top Executive: Debbie Anglim, president
Employees: 8
Website: quickts.com

Survey Results: Good benefits, efficient operations, work/life balance, training and tools provided, well-informed about important company decisions

What employees say: “There’s a lot of pressure from customers and management alike to fulfill orders on time and at the highest level of quality, but with the level of training we receive from dedicated coworkers, nothing feels out of reach. After a few weeks of working here, your co-workers really do feel like a family that you can conquer any task with. That’s what makes success truly rewarding.”