If you’re looking for a sure thing, it’s hard to beat coffee. An eye-popping 3 in 4 Americans drink coffee every day, and most of them are having two or more cups per day.

Coffee is a great way to start a conversation, even a metaphorical one between brand and consumer, says Rebecca Klapper, manager of brand marketing and communication for Austin, Texas-based distributor Boundless.

“Coffee has that pick-me-up energy,” she says. “Plus, there’s so many ways to build strong messaging around grabbing a cup of coffee with the new contact or getting the buzz and energy around a new product or an offering.”

Klapper also sees having a cup of coffee becoming a self-care ritual for some.

“It actually makes for a pretty strong emotional marketing piece if you think about consumer behaviors and what people are putting value into, these little rituals in their day,” she adds.

Outfitting recipients for those me moments can include everything from coffee itself to drinkware that helps keep your clients’ brands in happily caffeinated hands. A great mug or tumbler also works for any other beverage.

“People can use it for coffee, or if they don’t love coffee, they can use it for other drinks – hot tea, hot chocolate and all of that,” says Kaylee Shields, a business development specialist with California-based distributor Image Masters.

She particularly likes the new, eco-friendly tumblers made from recycled coffee grounds and other materials.

“You get to blend your coffee into the product,” she says, “and it’s also, just from that sustainability standpoint, nice to know that there are additional ways for products and items to be used.”

Shields also sees ceramic mugs back in the mix.

“For a while those were not as popular, and now with people being able to be at home or in their own space and not having to necessarily get in a car to go somewhere, you don’t need that travel mug in the same way that you used to,” she says. “That said, I still sell tons of the travel coffee mugs, because you can still use those at home or on the go or anything.”

When it comes to higher-end drinkware, think brand names and sleek, modern design.

“I really love Asobu. Their coffee cups are ceramic-coated on the inside, so it’s this pretty sand color, and it just has that visual appeal of a higher-end product,” says Lauren Smith, brand merchandiser for Boundless. “I use mine almost every day.”

For a low-cost branding option that also makes great coffee shop merch, consider coffee-themed stickers. It’s a great way to personalize someone’s favorite drinkware, says Klapper.

“Wooden stickers and tech tattoos are great ways to have pride in your local coffee shop,” she says. “People want to make things their own,” she says. “I think part of it probably came post-pandemic, too, where it’s like, ‘This is my bottle, and I know it’s mine because I have all my favorite stickers on it.’”

Stickers allow brands to lean into that consumer behavior with a super-affordable, super-customizable option that gets brand colors and logos out there with fun messaging.

“And people love to hold on to that because it has a little bit more personality also,” says Klapper.

Here are a few promo picks with that morning brew in mind:

custom-labeled bags of coffee beans

Add your client’s branding on a Custom-Labeled Bag of Folly Coffee. “Our coffee can be branded with all sorts of mugnificent messaging. You can espresso yourself by using brewtiful taglines provided by Logojojo – puns intended!” says Ellie Bathe, CAS, chief caffeinator of Minnesota-based supplier Logojojo. “Coffee makes a great gift because craft coffee is becoming a much a part of American culture as locally brewed craft beer,” she adds.

Logojojo / PPAI 786980, S1

 individually wrapped biscotti with custom label

Baked fresh to order, these Individually Wrapped Biscotti Cookies with custom labels are sure to spark a smile. Choose from chocolate chip, vanilla or almond flavors (which can also be dipped in chocolate).

Midnite Snax / PPAI 113793, S3 

candy tin with branded window lid, filled with chocolate espresso beans

Go for a sweet surprise with a branded Window Tin Filled With Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans. Your client’s logo silkscreened on the lid will remind recipients where the reusable tin came from when the goodies are gone.

NC Custom / PPAI 111662, S7

Kick Start coffee & breakfast bar gift kit

A coffee-themed kit like the Kick Start is great for room drops, meetings, welcomes or thank-you’s. Contents include a coffee pour-over pack, gourmet granola and cacao protein bar, all packaged in a customizable box with a personalized journal and slate coaster.

Batch & Bodega (HPG) / PPAI 110772, S11

 coffee tumbler made with used coffee grounds - front & back view

The 14-oz. Nayad Infinity Tumbler features a removable outer sleeve made of recycled coffee grounds and recycled plastic for a rich coffee color, and the coppery peek-a-boo inner tumbler is made of insulated stainless steel to keep beverages hot for up to 10 hours and cold for up to 20 hours.

Ariel Premium Supply / PPAI 161650, S11 

 premium ceramic coffee mug with lid - light blue

The Asobu Ultimate Coffee Mug gives you a classic tumbler combined with the unique features of a travel bottle and the feel of a classic mug. Made with a copper lining, double-walled stainless steel and ceramic inner coating, it provides full insulation plus an adjustable spill-proof lid and an easy-hold round handle.

Ad-N-Art / PPAI 236926, S4  

black ceramic coffee mug with orange interior and camping logo 

The old faithful ceramic coffee mug has seen a resurgence recently, thanks to remote work. Take it up a notch with a two-tone model like this 16-oz. Color Coded Bistro Ceramic Mug. The matte black exterior contrasts with a bright interior in one of eight color choices.

ImprintID / PPAI 576424, S5 

custom sticker sheet

Invite users to decorate their own tumblers, bottles or whatever with a custom, full-color Select Your Sticker Sheet. Add your client’s brand art to one of four layouts of six to 10 waterproof, fade-resistant and ultra-removable vinyl stickers.

Gill Studios / PPAI 114157, S11 

metal camping mug - dark blue with white speckles and white interior

Metal camping mugs are surging in popularity as people continue to crave the great outdoors – or at least the gear for it. This 16-oz. Speckle-It Camping Mug fits the bill, with its enamel finish, speckled exterior, white interior and stainless steel rim.

Evans Manufacturing / PPAI 110747, S11