Category: Supplier
Top executive(s): Jonathan Isaacson, CEO, and Frank Carpenito, president
Headquarters: Lawrence, Massachusetts
Founded: 1958
Employees: 337
Benefits/unique perks: 401(k) employer matching, hybrid work schedules, volunteer PTO, company-sponsored events, sabbatical leave; diversity, equity and inclusion committees
What employees say: “I really like what I do at work and who I do it for. It makes going to work easy, in a sense. The work itself is challenging and engaging but something I look forward to with purpose. I’m glad to know that I am valued and appreciated for the work I do and its level and quality.”

What Gemline CEO Jonathan Isaaccson and President Frank Carpenito say: "Culture has always been important at Gemline. It is something that starts at hiring and integrating new associates, and then transitions with the ongoing training that the entire team receives. 

"Over the last year, given the impact of Covid on the community, we have spent a lot of time supporting the local community and those that need a helping hand. Different than years before, we have engaged the community at Gemline to make sure our team understands what we do and why we feel that it is important. We feel like supporting each other is a critical part of our culture, so extending this to the wider community makes sense for us."