PPB Tell us about CBD Sport Solutions.

Thomas CBD Sport Solutions was launched in November 2018 by Damian Caya, chief operating officer, and me, with the idea to create a platform for distributors to use CBD as a promotional item in an industry that is constantly evolving and innovating. However, we knew this was not going to be an easy venture. We not only wanted to provide CBD, but we wanted to supply the best CBD products possible. We also make it a priority to provide accurate, up-to-date information about CBD and its benefits, and ensure we work with the highest-grade raw materials and manufacture to the highest standards we can. This includes following GMP standards and practices, using only FDA-registered facilities and using 100-percent USA-sourced raw materials that are organically cultivated and, most importantly, THC-free. THC-free means there may be trace amounts of THC, but never more than .03 percent. Most of our product line actually contains less than .01-percent THC and our third-party certificates of testing—which are available for anyone to see—show that THC is actually non-existent in our product.

PPB What are some of the unique ways CBD products can be used in campaigns and promotions?

Thomas In the promotional market, there are countless options to choose from and that poses a difficult decision for many distributors on what to show their clients. There are very few items that are ever on track to change the pharmaceutical and supplement world as we know it. And with so many areas of use, CBD can open a whole new sales channel. We have seen our products distributed from food trucks outside of bars to help with the after-effects of overindulgence. Veterinary clinics have used our product to help with a variety of symptoms and illnesses, from pain management and anxiety to cancer treatment. Our bottled CBD spring water has been used at major athletic events, such as marathons, spartan-style races, triathlons and bike races. We’ve had a client purchase jars of gummies and place them on the seats of cancer survivors at a conference. Then there’s the medical industry, massage clinics, dispensaries, breweries, smoothie shops, etc.

PPB When a CBD product is selected for a campaign, are there any special precautions that must be taken?

Thomas CBD in general is constantly being tested and looked into as far as the possibility of harmful side effects, and, to date, none of these studies have shown adverse effects from using CBD. I should mention that CBD has been in the pharmaceutical world for a number of years, being used as an anti-seizure remedy as well as for migraine control, and has shown unbelievable results with its ability to fight the growth of cancerous tumors. CBD, in general, is a very safe supplement for animals and human consumption and has been in use for quite some time now, it’s just that the legalization of the plant—hemp— has put the limelight on its benefits in a big way. That being said, we will work with each of our distributor clients to make sure we abide by each state’s requirement of distributing CBD and, in most cases, this is just making sure certain details are specified on the labels.

PPB In the next five years, do you foresee CBD and marijuana-related products being used more frequently in promotions and campaigns?

Thomas Well, marijuana itself I don’t ever see coming into the promotional industry, as it carries with it too many legal issues. As for marijuana paraphernalia, like pipes, grinders and plastic containers, as more and more states legalize marijuana, the demand in these categories will obviously grow, but I still feel the growth of marijuana and its related products will pose a big hurdle to overcome in many states. As for CBD, it is legal in all 50 states and this particular market is on track and projecting growth to nearly $20 billion by the end of 2024. This growth could even surpass the marijuana industry. Those kinds of numbers don’t lie; this will be the fastest-growing industry the U.S. has seen in quite some time, and with that comes the opportunity to attach an end-user brand and reach a massive market with a very unique, promotional item.


Danielle Renda is associate editor of PPB.