Some people don’t like working with sales reps. The May 25 installment of Promotional Consultant Today, “Seven Ways You May Be Driving Away Potential Buyers,” shared some pointers on how not to inadvertently repel customers.

After reading this, I realized that I already do almost all these things. It makes me feel good and explains why I have been in business so long and why I hate the traditional salesperson. Great insight and great advice. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Riggs
Monarch Direct, LLC
Carson City, Nevada
PPAI 791194, D2

Tina Berres Filipski, former director of publications and editor at PPAI, left the Association in January. The May issue of PPB featured an interview with Filipski on her time with PPAI and her thoughts on the promo industry.

Fabulous interview. There is no question that you were beloved by many and are also missed by many.  It was fun walking down memory lane and recalling the many significant contributions you made to the industry over your career. Good to know you are enjoying the “next chapter.”

Christine A. Lovell
Vice President/Sales & Marketing
Advertising Specialty Institute
Trevose, Pennsylvania

In his April Perspectives column in PPB, PPAI President and CEO Dale Denham, MAS+, advised that it was time to recognize the value added by all the firms in the promotional products industry and ensure the terms it uses reflect this value while also reducing confusion for the clients who purchase promotional products. Through its Promotional Products Work initiative—learn more about it at—PPAI is expanding its messaging to reach out to and educate buyers on the industry’s value.

It is time. The value add that distributors contribute in creativity, packaging and presentation from small and large organizations is demonstrating the change that is taking place in the industry. So many things in the industry are changing to be relevant and on trend for what is happening in the environment.

Hillary Feder
Hillary’s, LLC
Hopkins, Minnesota
PPAI 238444, D2

James Khattak is a news editor at PPAI.