Recognizing PPAI’s 2020 H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award Recipient

The December issue of PPB highlighted the accomplishments of Rod Brown, CAS, founder and retired CFO of distributor MadeToOrder and recipient of PPAI’s 2020 H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award, including his charitable work and what drove him to get involved with communities in Africa, Mexico and elsewhere.

I logged in to my email this morning to see a number of very kind notes from my peers in the promotional products industry. Thank you PPAI, and in particular Danielle [Renda, PPB associate editor and author of the story], for writing such a kind and flattering story. Thank you for sharing the stories of these children and families.

Rod Brown, CAS
Founder and former CFO

Pleasanton, California
PPAI 216503, D10


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I continue to be impressed with the information shared in [Promotional Consultant Today]. In all my years in print and promotion (30-plus) there is not one industry newsletter, blurb, blog or whatever that I feel comes close to providing the ongoing value you provide here. Kudos!

Bill Strobridge

High Impact Solutions
Farmington Hills, Michigan
PPAI 484885, D2

I appreciate [PCT’s] words of wisdom. Look forward to this email every day.

Greg Collins
SANMAR Territory manager - Houston and South Texas

Issaquah, Washington
PPAI 110788, S16


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