Promo’s Fraud Problem
In September, PPAI Media shared Hirsch’s experiences with fraudulent orders and their potential red flags. The Houston-based supplier’s story prompted several industry professionals to share their own stories and concerns about scam orders.

About eight years ago, we were scammed in a similar incident. A new employee got excited about a large order from an industry distributor and thought because it was prepaid that we were covered. We shipped the order, and at that point I found out about it, and discovered that the credit card used was stolen. We contacted FedEx and managed to track down the shipment, which went from a warehouse in Florida to a warehouse in Michigan. We contacted the FedEx driver, who was about an hour away from that final delivery, at which point the (blank) watches would have been shipped to Nigeria. The FedEx number we were given to ship on was also fraudulently used. Lessons learned: prepayment by credit card is not worth much and blank good orders are very suspicious.
Dan McCarty, CAS

Elgin, Illinois
PPAI 223970, S5

We had one that we caught before the order was placed. They were using a long-time customer name and we were all over it. Then they asked about sales tax – they were in a different state but wanted to pick up at our location – and that got us looking more diligently. We realized they were using .con instead of .com for the email. We also called the company and they had never heard of the person trying to buy this order. They also said they knew there was an issue with someone using their name to try and buy stuff. It was the best one I have ever seen in my 30-plus years. Good luck all, be diligent and check on everything.
Jim Robertson
Comptroller, Controller

Trademarks Promotional Products
PPAI 106743, D7

Independent Contractors
At Risk In Labor Proposal
PPAI is tracking a rule change proposed by the Department of Labor that would make it more difficult for promotional products professionals operating as independent contractors to maintain their status.

For years, I have chosen to be an independent contractor. If I wanted to be considered an employee for an organization in the promotional products industry, I would currently be working with an organization that offers “employee” status. We do have a choice in this industry. Please do not take my freedom away to work as an independent contractor.
Karen Ball

Avon, New York
PPAI 105182, D12

As an independent contractor, I set my own hours and work when and if I want to. My ability to work at my own pace, on my own time, allows me to pay my bills, feed my family and be self-sufficient. And I pay my own taxes at a higher tax rate than as an employee. Don’t put new restrictions on independent contractors.
Cheryl Brungardt

Thank Em Promotions
Wheat Ridge, Colorado

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