In February, PPAI Newslink featured a story, “Study Shows A Key Hidden Driver Of Consumer Loyalty,” that highlighted the role a sense of community plays in keeping consumers coming back to a brand. 

There are many studies to show that people will actually compromise their own integrity in order to fit in. Belonging is just that important to us. So, be the community that people with thrive in.

Jae M. Rang, MAS
Strategist, Speaker, Author, Mom
JAE associates, Ltd.
Oakville, Ontario
PPAI 561178, D4

During PPAI Expo Direct-2-You in February, PPAI President and CEO Dale Denham, MAS+, announced his sixth annual #Online18 list of the promotional products industry’s key social media influencers. Based on Denham’s personal opinions, the list highlights the companies and individuals driving engagement and value to their followers and the industry.

I'm blown away by this year's list and so excited to watch it continue to transform with new talent. Thank you for the honor but also thank you for sharing because there’s folks on this list that I have never seen and what a cool way to learn from one another to further elevate the industry. I always learn those hidden gems out there that only Dale would know! What a great roster for me to learn how to step up my game!

Britney Godsey
Chief Revenue Officer
Gold Bond, Inc.
Hixson, Tennessee
PPAI 113974, S10

In the article “Industry Reaction: Corporate Gifting Market May Be Much Larger Than Previously Known,” PPAI Newslink shared that a recent study found that the corporate gifting market had grown to $242 billion In 2021 and was expected to exceed $300 billion by 2024, and the opportunity this sector represented for promotional products distributors and suppliers.

Without a doubt. Kite Meetings has survived the past two years by pivoting from meetings and live events to working with and providing our customer base with a selection of branded corporate gifts they procured to give to their clients. Gifting no longer means just those traditional fall holidays. Think about the various vertical markets that celebrate certain days, or month-long recognition events that connect to their core business. 

Glenna Fulks
Kite Meeting Management, LLC
Piqua, Ohio
PPAI 733403, D1

In the Creative Calendar for the March issue of PPB, we credited the lavender gift box idea for National Teacher's Day to the wrong supplier. The product is supplied by GroLine (PPAI 111079, S3). We regret the error.