Category: Business services
Top executive(s): Ashley McCune, president
Headquarters: Brentwood, Missouri
Founded: 2006
Employees: 86
Benefits/unique perks: Flexible scheduling, 401(k) matching, 20 days PTO
What employees say: “I’ve never been more challenged and fulfilled at the same time. It’s the perfect balance of developing professionally while allowing my unique skillset to shine. Our culture promotes hard work and balance while making time to have fun and connect on a personal level.”


What Facilisgroup President Ashley McCune says: “Our core values don't reflect what we hope to achieve. They're how we've continued to be the leading technology provider in our industry. There aren’t many extra steps or ‘tactics’ to enhance company culture when your values are synonymous with your mission. In the last year we’ve introduced innovative solutions, implemented new employee benefits and continued to volunteer through Facilis Cares, our charitable giving program. We know there is always room for growth, so we're excited for what next year will bring."