Q: How are you differentiating your company as a top employer in today’s crowded marketplace?

“We take great pride in being a family-owned and operated business since 1944, celebrating our 75th anniversary this year. With that comes with the special feelings we have for our employees who are part of the Blue Generation/ M. Rubin & Sons family. Many of our executives and customer service specialists have been with the company over 15 years and going strong. Many have spent their whole lives with the company working for my grandfather, although they are mostly retired now. I actually hear from many of them just checking in to say hello.

“We take special interest in everyone’s personal life outside the office as well. I have an open door to anyone who  needs to speak to me. It gives me great satisfaction that people are willing to confide in me about what’s going  on in their personal  lives.

“In times of need and special situations, we often help out financially or offer flexibility with their work schedules to accommodate their needs. It is a two-way street that is hard to find in companies today and it creates loyalty on both sides. We appreciate their contribution to the company. I often hear them say, ‘I love coming to work here to escape from the issues I have at home.’ It makes me very happy they feel that way about their jobs.”