Reusable drinkware fills our every day. From glass bottles to ceramic mugs, these products represent our hope for better. Consumers choose drinkware with goals in mind. Whether it’s to drink more water or waste fewer single-use items, drinkware solves many problems simultaneously.

Not only has reusable drinkware become a status symbol, but it’s also a testament to convenience, cost-efficiency and eco-friendly living.

According to PPAI research, drinkware was the second highest-selling product category for distributors in 2021. Sales for drinkware also grew by 25% over 2020, when overall use of reusables dipped.

Early in the pandemic, with fear of the coronavirus spreading on surfaces at an all-time high, Starbucks and other retailers asked customers not to bring their own cups. CivicScience says that reusable water bottle usage declined in 2020, slipping 6% from 2018. The decline was even seen among environmentally aware consumers, 71% of whom owned one in 2018 compared to 67% in 2020.

But this dip didn’t last long. People began to once again commute, rejoin gyms and reconnect with friends. CivicScience data shows that 60% of U.S. adults opt for a reusable bottle. Now, Starbucks is bringing back the option, even incentivizing customers to bring their own reusable drinkware with discounts and fees.

The main goal is to make paper and plastic cups the lesser option. But Starbucks won’t be ditching them right away. Currently, the largest coffee house chain in the world is simply introducing the idea to their customers that reusable drinkware can serve a greater purpose. But by 2025, Starbucks wants to move away from disposable cups entirely.

For drinkware, brand names matter. Contigo is the most used brand, followed by Coleman and Yeti. But popularity is dependent on lifestyle. For example, S’well brand is more recognized among those who practice yoga or Pilates rather than those who hike.

“Yeti will always be the go-to brand – or at least, the initial brand our customer always asks for,” says Thomas Rector, CEO of Indiana-based distributor ScreenBroidery. “In my opinion, it is not always the best solution. At ScreenBroidery, our sales team’s first question when our customer asks for Yeti is, ‘Why Yeti?’

“The answer to this question helps us understand the real purpose of what our customer is trying to accomplish. And because of Yeti’s poor inventory in 2022, the question has been important to help us find a better solution that accomplishes our customers’ objectives. We have had lots of success with other premium brands like Otterbox, RTIC, Corkcicle, Hydro Flask, ASOBU, etc.”

Major suppliers are tapping into the power of brand. In August, Logomark announced a partnership with retail barware brand Snowfox. The same month, Polyconcept North America announced its largest inventory investment ever with Hydro Flask. Premium quality and retail brands are trending in promo, emphasizing a thoughtful gifting experience.

Drinkware is one of the best ways to promote your client’s brand. PPAI research shows that branded drinkware is kept longer than other promo items, which is why it leads in impressions, with more than 1,400 for the average item’s lifecycle. With branded drinkware, you can be sure that the glass is always half full.

The House Bar 

A Negroni sbagliato is probably the drink of the year. This cocktail – made with Campari, sweet vermouth and sparkling wine rather than traditional gin – has become an internet sensation. Thanks to a behind-the-scenes interview for HBO’s The House of Dragon that went viral on TikTok, it’s all anyone wants to try.

In a short clip, TV stars Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke – who play the feuding Princess Rhaenyra and Queen Alicent, respectively – ask each other their drink of choice. D’Arcy says a Negroni, adding “sbagliato” before ending with a captivating “with prosecco in it.” Cooke responds with an “Ooh, stunning.” The brief interaction went viral immediately, spellbinding fans.

The original video has more than a million views, and fans have posted more than 15,000 TikTok videos using the sound, according to NPR. People vow to try it, and bartenders are preparing to stock up on ingredients just in case this TikTok trend leads to a shortage.

The pandemic is still affecting how people consume alcohol. Home drinking increased during the pandemic, and homeowners are revamping their home bars. A 2022 U.K. study found that home bars are now a bigger priority than a new kitchen. Homeowners are willing to spend more on a home bar than an upgraded kitchen, new porch or home gym. After several years of uncertainty, home bars encourage leisure and entertainment, offering an oasis to unwind and reconnect.


Whether in the kitchen, car or campsite, the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth With Flex Sip Lid lets users enjoy their favorite brew leak-free. It fits under most coffee brewing systems and can be used as a small at most coffee shops for less paper cup waste. The exterior is soft to the touch with comfortable handles.
PCNA / PPAI 113079, S15 /

Help your client elevate every workday or weekend trail trek with the 17-ounce, spill-proof CORKCICLE Commuter Cup. Made from insulated stainless steel with a ceramic coated interior, this cup keeps beverages cold for up to 18 hours and beverages hot for up to five hours. With easy-grip flat sides and a non-slip bottom, its slim design fits bike cages and most cup holders.
Gemline / PPAI 113948, S11 /

This h2go Rincon is ideal for keeping beverages cold. The 18-ounce single wall glass bottle has a threaded bamboo lid and a translucent soft touch finish. Ink imprint is semi-matte in appearance.
ETS Express / PPAI 135148, S11 /

Stay hydrated with the innovative Ida Sport Water Bottle Bluetooth Speaker. With this two-in-one, recipients can carry less to the beach, on walks or to the gym. This water bottle can be imprinted with a custom design in full color or spot color.
Sunjoy Group / PPAI 357417, S7 /

This two-tone ceramic mug has double-walled construction with an unglazed tan textured base. The stylish, 17-ounce mug has a curved handle for comfort grip. It’s hand wash only.
Ariel Premium Supply / PPAI 161650, S11 /

This rainbow barware set has everything you need to craft the perfect cocktail in an on-trend oil slick finish. This stainless-steel rainbow plated set includes an 18-ounce shaker, jigger, strainer and bar spoon with muddler end. In its curated packaging, it’s ideal for any aspiring mixologist.
True Brands / PPAI 531435, S4 /

This tumbler with a bamboo straw and lid is made with thermal-resistant glass combined with colorful and vibrant silicone sleeves. The bamboo lid and matching bamboo straw make this trend-setting bottle the perfect vessel to stay hydrated.
St Regis Group / PPAI 230188, S6 /

The But First, Coffee kit comes with a 13-ounce insulated stainless steel tumbler and a 12-ounce stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulated mug. The two-piece gift is packaged in recycled crinkle paper. It’s a great option for the holidays or employee recognition.
Spector & Co. / PPAI 168328, S10 /

The reusable Cupanion Bottle is manufactured sustainably in New York and comes in over 15 lid colors. Recipients must reuse it only twice to offset carbon emissions generated in production. Each bottle connects to the free Fill It Forward app through the QR code printed directly on the bottle. No extra Fill it Forward tag is required. Users can track the social and environmental impact of each reuse using their phone.
Fill It Forward / PPAI 792815, S1 /

This three-in-one insulator is copper-lined and vacuum-insulated to maintain optimal drinking temperatures. Dual walled and stainless steel, it keeps ice for over 48 hours. The cup includes two lids: a thumb-slide, screw-on lid and a black can/bottle ring. It can be used to drink from the insulated tumbler, as a 12-ounce can cooler or as a 12-ounce beer bottle cooler.
Starline USA  / PPAI 112719, S10 /