(Editor's Note: For more information on the 2024 PPAI structural changes and their impact to your business, read What PPAI's New Membership Structure Means For Your Company. Further details are also available in these frequently asked questions.)

At PPAI, we are committed to enhancing the promotional marketplace for the benefit of our community of valued members. In pursuit of this mission, we are excited to announce significant improvements to our membership structure.

Our focus is on simplicity and the alignment of benefits and value.

A Streamlined System

Our previous membership structure, with its 16 complex tiers each for distributors, suppliers and business service providers, is being updated with a more understandable and transparent approach. Recognizing that many members were not aware of the full range of benefits available to them, we are introducing a user-friendly structure with clear choices.

Under the new framework, members can choose between a Standard or Professional membership. The Standard membership offers two tier options, Base and Plus, while the Professional membership provides three tier options: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Choose Your Membership Level

We understand that each organization has unique needs. With our revamped structure, you have the freedom to choose the membership level that aligns perfectly with the value you seek from PPAI.

You have the flexibility to select any membership tier and report your actual sales to PPAI, even if they are higher or lower than the recommended sales range for your chosen tier. However, PPAI will only publish reported revenue within or below the designated revenue range of your chosen tier, including for recognition programs such as PPAI 100.

Whether you are a small business with limited PPAI engagement or a larger firm with diverse needs of your Association, our tiers are designed to support the diversity of our membership.

Seamless Transition

We understand change can be daunting, which is why your current membership will seamlessly transition to the new equivalent tier when it renews. At least 30 days prior to renewal, you will receive a letter outlining the benefits and pricing of your new tier and have the opportunity to select a different benefit level if you choose.

Transparent Pricing

We’re putting the days of complicated pricing structures behind us. This simplified pricing structure eliminates the concern of receiving a higher PPAI bill as punishment for having a great sales year. Some members may experience a change in membership dues, but you should be confident that the changes come with benefits specifically designed for your selected tier. The higher membership tiers offer enhanced benefits, ensuring that firms paying higher dues receive greater rewards.

Investing In Your Success

Beyond the structural changes, the real story lies in the enhanced resources we are creating on your behalf. Our focus is on delivering tangible value to our members.

We are heavily investing in your success in many areas, including comprehensive training for industry newcomers. Continuing education options are also receiving additional investment.

SAGE, PPAI’s technology partner, continues to provide members with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology services in the industry. We are pleased to announce that SAGE Total Access remains a core part of every PPAI membership. In addition to the product research functionality, SAGE has recently invested heavily in the CRM and project management areas of Total Access, as well as SAGE’s popular online stores and websites.

As our lead partner for the PDX initiative, SAGE is also continuing to develop and promote its SAGE Connect API to further real-time data exchange within the industry, including live inventory and order status.

A few other highlights: Professional level distributor members will benefit from extra SAGE Total Access user licenses, and Professional level supplier members will receive more exhibiting priority points. We are also enhancing research investments, including regular economic updates for 2024 and beyond, exclusively for our Professional members.

Change For The Better

It’s time. We are revolutionizing a decades-old, broken system to ensure that our pricing and benefits evolve in tandem with your needs.

The goal is to add value, simplify processes and empower you to make the most out of your PPAI membership.

So, how can we help you?