Q: How are you differentiating your company as a top employer in today’s crowded marketplace?

“We’ve developed a strong and positive culture around our guiding principles, especially innovation and transparency.

“We strive for innovation. It allows us to explore ideas and improve current processes. All team members are encouraged to bring their ideas to each other and to leadership. We cultivate an environment where all employees have a voice and feel empowered. While we respect our hierarchy, every employee has the opportunity to meet informally with anyone in another department—including the executive team. We feel this allows our team to stay connected and influence the bigger company picture.

“As our company has grown, we’ve actually become more transparent. We have monthly company meetings where we share our financials, our successes and what’s coming up for the future. It helps the team see and feel their contribution to the company’s success.  

“We invest in our people through training and continuing education. We want our team to continue to grow, learn and push themselves. Our culture of flexibility supports work/life balance and encourages our employees to work hard and stay focused. Positive company culture fosters the values that guide actions. The right team executes successfully.”