Q: How are you differentiating your company as a top employer in today’s crowded marketplace?

“The ongoing challenge is to attract and retain employees. I’ve learned there’s no silver bullet that works for everyone, but there’s one overall strategy that makes a difference in today’s market. And at Crystal D, we’re guided by this statement: Culture trumps strategy and tactics every time. I believe the future of Crystal D is dependent on the culture more than the strategies and tactics. The company is only as healthy as the level of engagement of its employees. This approach gives Crystal D advantages in two ways. 1) Attracting new hires has not been a challenge, especially with the Millennials. They are looking for a home they align with. They want to feel that they matter, that they’re winning and that they have a purpose. 2) Since retaining employees is an everyday challenge, we attempt to provide an environment that keeps all our Memory Makers engaged. The goal is for them to feel like they want to come to work rather than feeling like they have to come to work.”