Category: Distributor
Top executive: Ryan Small, president and CEO
Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee
Founded: 1998
Employees: 11
Benefits/unique perks: Remote work option, flexible hours and professional development opportunities
What employees say: “Blue Dog Merch is a fantastic place to work. The team is charged to do their jobs and take care of our clients, and encouraged to ask for whatever is needed in order to accomplish our goals. In addition, the company genuinely cares about their staff and appreciates all of the things they do.”

What Blue Dog Merch President and CEO Ryan Small says: “Blue Dog Merch is committed to ensuring our employees are valued as well as living our core values day-in and day-out. Our leaders are focused on developing the careers of our employees and fostering a high-performance culture which is derived from treating people well along with having a manageable balance of work and relaxation. We have been fortunate to be growing in an unpredictable economy and with growth needs resources. So in the past year, we have hired additional leadership, sales executives and customer service to provide the resources needed to best support our clients, and also to provide a work-life balance for our employees.”