Category: Supplier
Top executive: Susan Lewandowski, general manager
Headquarters: Medley, Florida
Founded: 2008
Employees: 35
Benefits/unique perks: Remote work option, companywide recognition and incentives, increased PTO, monthly lunches to celebrate accomplishments
What employees say: “Working at Bel Promo has been a great experience. If I can sum it up in one word, the company is a family. The support you receive on a daily basis is encouraging. I can’t say enough about how amazing the culture is.”

What Bel Promo GM Susan Lewandowski says: "BEL Promos Core Values are the heart of our company. We strive every day to focus on our customers and employees to ensure we are meeting those values with passion, honesty, respect and integrity. Since we started working remote, we wanted to make sure we created a sense of normalcy to ensure our employees felt valued, heard and engaged. Our daily Zoom meetings were a great start. Our team not only engages in work-related conversations but also engages with one another, which gives us the same feeling as if we were all in the same room together. Secondly, we started team-building virtual meetings and created fun games and incentives. Our team loves to celebrate birthdays and holidays monthly and food is always a part of the celebrations. We have started celebrating them virtually and send the team gift cards for lunch. This has helped us keep some of our old traditions even in the virtual world.

"Effective communication and transparency have built a bond with all the departments that has created a family environment. We work together as a team that share the same values and wins together. The management team has worked very closely with them to ensure that they feel valued and supported, especially when they have those difficult days."