Tori Thomas, 32
Director of Marketing
Costa Mesa, California

Getting Started

Right out of college, Thomas started on the BELLA+CANVAS customer service and inside sales team. As she came to understand the brand, she moved into marketing, where she eventually picked up event and photo production, and soon she was developing full campaigns and more.

Earning The Honor

“She is unique in that she is a storyteller with a creative mind, but she is an executer,” says Megan Spire, BELLA+CANVAS VP of sales.

What’s Your Biggest Career Challenge?

“I really struggle to stay out of the day-to-day details and keep my line of sight above the clouds, focused on the bigger picture. I love being a leader and taking the time to mentor my team, working through some of their smaller challenges rather than stepping back to visualize on the greater goals and initiatives of the brand.”

What Are You Most Proud Of?

“When I think about my time at BELLA+CANVAS, I can’t quite put my finger on one moment. It’s a combination of moments, people and change that have made my time here meaningful. I feel like I grew with the brand, and side by side we made incredible clothing and content and memories for others along the way.”

How Can The Industry Attract More Young Leaders?

“I think it starts with understanding what drives young leaders. Personally, I want to see how my company or my role within the company impacts people, the earth, revenue, etc. Understanding the results and how to reproduce or improve them is really rewarding.”

What Inspires You To Do Your Best Work?

“I am someone who has never taken the easy route, and I always aim high. Challenging myself has proven to be one of the best ways to provide the best results.”

What Keeps You In Promo?

“I love that this industry always finds a way. We find ways to create, innovate and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit every day.”