Katie Whitehead, 39
Director of Marketing
Sterling, Illinois

Getting Started

A graphic designer to begin her career, Whitehead began at HALO in 2014 as a marketing consultant specializing in creative work. She quickly started climbing the ladder of increasing responsibilities.

Earning The Honor

HALO SVP Jeffrey Wurtzel, who nominated Whitehead, says she is beloved by hundreds of account executives and sales teams, “and she has directly helped fuel our growth.”

What Are You Most Proud Of?

“Last year at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, we held our national sales meeting. Working on that with the team from start to finish was a huge accomplishment. Seeing everyone arrive with smiles on their faces and the engagement, interaction and training. It was a wonderful week, and it was very successful.”

What Keeps You In Promo?

“The people. Everywhere you go, whether it’s the office or an industry event, everyone is very much like family. You never meet a stranger, it feels like. Everyone is always willing to help lend advice or show you their new product, so it is just a really great industry to be in.”

How Do You Think The Industry Will Change In The Next Decade?

“Being in the industry for nine years, there has already been a shift. In 10 years, I do see more of a sustainable pattern, a give-back pattern with products that we’re seeing. I do see more and more industry events, as those continue to grow over the last 12 to 18 months.”

How Can The Industry Attract More Young Leaders?

“The biggest thing is education. Me personally, I love marketing, but I wasn’t really sure where I would fit in in the promo world, and there is so much opportunity. I would just love to bring that to college-aged students to show them what the opportunities are within promo. It is so much more than just a pen or a notepad.”