Kathryn Peach, 28
Senior Account Manager
Promotional Source

Getting Started

Peach began her career as a promo buyer for a startup, overseeing its retail division, where she fell in love with product development and sourcing. She went to work for Staples Promotional Products in 2021, then joined Promotional Source a year later.

Earning The Honor

Nominator Brian Leigh, VP of sales and marketing for Promotional Source, says what impresses him most about Peach is that she was onboarded virtually during the pandemic and most of her industry skills have been self-taught.

What Keeps You In Promo?

“It is such a creative space, and there are so many interesting individuals. And what I really love is that everyone is like a family. When you go to a trade show and you’re meeting your suppliers and other distributors, everyone is friends. Even though you’re technically a competitor, it doesn’t feel that way. Everyone is there to lift each other up and support each other, and congratulate you on the big wins, and support you on what feels like a loss.”

How Do You Think The Industry Will Change In The Next Decade?

“I think we’re starting to see the shift already in that a lot of clients are looking for experiential products. It’s no longer about the knickknacks and trinkets. That’s why I entered the industry. I love doing those creative solutions for clients that make it really exciting, engaging and interactive. I know there’s a big push for supporting local, so that’s another thing that I really love – the freedom to work with small business and artisans to create a really unique, one-of-a-kind product that tells a story, connects product to a person and makes a project or initiative that much more meaningful and engaging.”

What’s Your Biggest Career Challenge?

“The hunting. Even though I have that natural instinct, it’s the grind of just constantly working and trying, not letting the losses put you back and feel unmotivated. It’s having the discipline to just keep pushing forward.”